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  • On Jan.09, in the region "wider to the outside world, increase effective input" mobilization and commendation General Assembly, Yabang Group again named the "large taxpayer Award" by regional party committee and government, and chairman Xu Xiaochu was awarded "outstanding entrepreneurs title” in WuJin area.
  • On April 04, in Wujin District "increase effective input in the first stars and enterprises promotion the recognition" meeting, Yabang Group was awarded "five-star business honorary title by regional party committee and government
  • On April 10. Wujin District in the integrity of law-abiding patriotic dedication on the advanced deeds and contributions to the recognition of the General Assembly, the group was Yabang District Chamber of Commerce and Industry and District Chamber of Commerce once again granted a "patriotic dedication integrity of law-abiding contribution to the" advanced member company.
  • On April.28 State Ministry of Science and Technology Ma Songde, vice minister of science and technology of Jiangsu Province director of the Office of WANG Yong-shun, Changzhou City Technology Bureau Zhangyuejuzhang Group I and his entourage to carry out "high-tech enterprises in Changzhou City research.
  • On May.08, Chemical Medicine in Wujin District Chamber of Commerce to set up the General Assembly, the small-company board of directors elected to the beginning of Wujin District Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association’s first president.
  • "Yabang" brand won the 2007-2008 Jiangsu Province major cultivating and developing the export brand , which marks the status and reputation in the international market.
  • On July 5, the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, the provincial SME Bureau, the Provincial Statistics Bureau, the State Statistics Bureau of Jiangsu Survey Organization, the provincial trade and industry in the Federation jointly held a press conference in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province issued the 2006 top 100 private enterprises, the Group I The company ranked 34, ranking than in 2005 jumped ranking.
  • On Aug.06, the National Association of Industry and Commerce in Beijing announced the 2006 National Association of Industry and Commerce on the scale of the top 500 private enterprises, Yabang Chemical Group Co., Ltd. No.116.
  • On Aug.20, "Yabang" trademark by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office as "Famous Chinese Trademark".
  • On Sep.10, in Wujin regional party committee and government held to celebrate the first 23 Teacher’s Day and commended the General Assembly, the Group Chairman Xu Xiaochu was awarded the glorious title.
  • On Oct.16, Yabang Chemical Group Co., Ltd. by the National Science and Technology as "national Torch Program focused on high-tech enterprises.
  • On Nov 18, Yabang Chemical Group Co., Ltd. wholly-owned acquisition of Changzhou brilliant Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • On Nov.24, "Yabang" brand disperse dyes was named "China’s Yangtze River Delta region